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Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

“Green” Asset Management

Greg Garvan

When you shop for organic food, buy recycled products, or donate to causes you are passionate about, you are connecting your money with your values. We help you do that when we manage your assets, and we help you do it well.

Since the days of South African apartheid, SRI investors have chosen to use their money that is invested in retirement or brokerage accounts to make a social difference, in addition to a financial return. We use three methods to accomplish this: screening, shareholder activism, and community investing.


  • Screening – based on your own ‘social policy’ report, we screen in certain companies and screen out others
  • Shareholder activism/proxy voting – we help you use your ownership of investments to vote proxies in the companies: this allows you the opportunity to influence corporate behavior via financial and social goals.
  • Community investing – we may recommend that a small percentages of your portfolio to invest in community banks, micro- credit institutions, etc. if these types of   investments are suitable for your portfolio. Typically these produce ‘below market’ financial turns, while providing significant social return

Fees for investment management are charged on an annual sliding scale, which is invoiced quarterly to you and which typically range between 1% and 1.55%. As a fee-only planning firm, we do not sell anything on commission. Transparency is one of our most important values, and you’ll see this reflected throughout our work.

Financial life planning

We provide comprehensive life planning with all clients for whom we manage assets, as well as some for whom we are just doing planning work.

Planning work is charged separately from investment management. A comprehensive plan includes both the few months it typically takes to get a draft plan put together as well up to 12 months total focused on the implementation of the plan. We do this by coaching you and by working directly with you and any affiliated professionals (estate planner, tax agent, insurance broker, charity planner, etc.) to be sure that at the end of the time you can not only say that you had drawn up a plan, but you had actually applied all of its recommendations. We have found that without this end of the work, many plans sit on a shelf gathering dust.

We can also provide more focused planning work on your retirement goals. This, along with hourly planning work, is charged at a proportional rate. (This is sometimes done by a Garrett Planning Network affiliate with whom we work.)




Sometimes in life you need to clarify a problem and come up with a solution. Working with a coach to get that done is becoming more common, and we truly enjoy this work. We use a very refined process to help you clearly identify your issues and goals, and to break these down into pieces, which often involves finding hidden parts of the process of which you were not yet aware. We then work with you to consider alternatives and solutions. Fees for a 12 week term are $1200 ($500.00 is due in advance and the rest in arrears).



Professional affiliations

*Investment Advisory Representative for First Affirmative Financial Network
*Social Invtment Forum member
*Financial Planning Association member, SC and Upstate NY chapter
*Green Fair/Business Expo committee
* Lowcountry Local First, membership committee
* Current custodians: Charles Schwab and Foliofn