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Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)


Many people ask what makes us unique?

-       First we are fee-only advisors which means we do not sell anything on commission. We get paid much like you pay a doctor or a lawyer. Unlikely traditional financial firms who are often paid to sell you products, we believe it is critical to be fee-only if we are going to delve into these deep personal and social issues with you.

-       Second, when we manage your assets, we work only with funds and private money managers that use environmental, social and governance screening. This means we work with you to make sure that your investments are growing through companies you are comfortable with, both financially and values -wise.


Transparency is one of our most important values, and you’ll see this reflected throughout our work.

INVESTMENT ORIENTED clients have found our years of experience with environmentally and socially responsible holdings to be a great help. We have built relationships with many of the leaders of the Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) world. We strive to anchor our work to both the financial realities of the world and the opportunity to make a difference using social screens; this has really provided for some exciting opportunities.

FINANCIAL PLANNING clients (for whom we often manage assets) have found over the years that as we build relationships together we are often deeply involved myriad decisions that face individuals and families: how to allocate current retirement options, which car to buy, how much to give to a charity, at what age to give money to children, etc. We value and welcome these opportunities to work at a core value level with you, as you realize how you can use money and assets. We believe there are simple tools that can be used in ways that are better for you. Much of the work we do in this category falls under the rubric of “personal coaching” today, although we have been doing it for years. Our goal is to help you use the tools in ways that help empower your life plans.

We are absolutely committed to working with you to gain an understanding of your present financial situation and to help you identify and clarify your life, social, and financial goals. Once we have this information we develop a comprehensive financial plan. The plan typically encompasses managing liabilities, investments, insurance, retirement interests, estate and tax planning, charitable giving, and practical steps towards financing life goals. We believe this “big picture” financial planning is the best way to help you set your goals and future direction.

COACHING – Sometimes in life you need to clarify a problem and come up with a solution. Working with a coach to get that done is becoming more common, and we truly enjoy this work. We use a very refined process to help you clearly identify your issues and goals, and to break these down into pieces, which often involves finding hidden parts of the process of which you were not yet aware. We then work with you to consider alternatives and solutions. Fees for a 12 week term are $1200 ($500.00 is due in advance and the rest in arrears).